Midea Deluxe Bottom Loading Dispenser


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Product Description

This free standing bottom loading dispenser is perfect for the home or office. Featuring hot, cold and ambient temperature faucets as well as a spacious storage cabinet, the bottom loading dispenser will ensure you never go thirsty!

  • 3 temperature selections
  • Double safety device to prevent over heating
  • Child safety lock for hot water faucet
  • High efficiency compressor cooling
  • Stainless steel hot water tank
  • Spacious cabinet

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Colour: Silver
Heating capacity: 4.0L / h
Cooling capacity: 2.5L / h
Temperature of heating: >= 85C
Temperature of cooling: <=10C
Power consumption: 550W
Size: 358mm x 386mm x 1120mm
Warranty: 2 years


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