Midea In-line Water Filter and Dispenser


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Product Description

This plumbed-in water filter and dispenser is perfect for the home or office. Featuring a 4 stage filtration system, you can ensure to quench your thirst with only the purest drinking water

  • 3 temperature choices
  • Safety device to prevent over heating
  • Child safety lock for hot water faucet
  • 4 stage filtration (PP + C1 + C2 + UF)
  • Replacement filters are light and easy to replace
  • Hot water tank is made of stainless steel

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Colour: Black
Heating capacity: 4.0L / h
Cooling capacity: 2.0L / h
Temperature of heating: >= 85C
Temperature of cooling: <= 10C
Power consumption: 550W
Size: 358mm x 386mm x 1205mm
Warranty: 2 years


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