Midea Midea Counter Top In-line water filter

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Invest in your health with the Midea UltraFilter Water Dispenser. This plumbed in water dispenser features an anti-bacterial UV light to sterilize the water just before you drink! The eco mode function will save you money by powering off the cooling and heating system while you sleep by means of smart detection

  • 3 temperature selection
  • Touch control with LED display
  • Filter lifetime reminder
  • Post UV sterilizes the water just before you drink
  • Eco mode powers off the heating and cooling system at night by means of smart detection
  • Fixed water volume function for hands free use
  • PP & carbon filters reduce chlorine and odors
  • UF filter reduces colloid, bacteria and other organisms

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Colour: White
Heating capacity: 4.0L / h
Cooling capacity: 3.0L / h
Temperature of heating: >= 85C
Temperature of cooling: <= 10C
Power consumption: 55W
Size: 322mm x 514mm x 510mm
Warranty: 2 years

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