Philips NanoProtect HEPA Replacement Filter-800


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Product Description

The NanoProtect HEPA makes sure you are protected from viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, PM2.5 and pet dander.  This filter was designed together with the device itself to ensure a perfect fit which guarantees the continuously smooth operation of the device.  NanoProtect HEPA filter’s low-resistance fibers maximize the airflow. The electrostatic charge attracts particles as small as 0.003 microns with 99.98% of efficiency, enabling the filter to clean the air faster than a medically used HEPA H13 filter (4).

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Technical Specifications
Particle filtration: 99.5% at 0.003 microns
Allergen filtration: 99.99%
Virus & Aerosol filtration : 99.9%
Wash under water : NO
Clean with a brush: NO
Clean with chemical products: NO
Dimension of packaging (LxWxH): 195*195*188 mm
Dimension of product (LxWxH): 185*120*175 mm
Weight incl. packaging: 0.33 kg
Weight of product: 0.21 kg
Color(s) : White, black
Replacement for Philips air purifier(s) AC0819 (series 800)


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