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Fourbucks Rewards

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Earn Fourbucks Rewards on your purchases.

Accumulate your Fourbucks Rewards and redeem them for any available products on Fourways Online. Another reason to Click, Shop and Smile a whole lot wider.

How to Earn Fourways Fourbucks

Every R100 spent = 1 Fourbuck. The more you shop, the more you earn.
Review products you’ve purchased from Fourways Online and earn 100 Fourbucks per approved review.
Spend R1000+ on Fourways Online and get 200 extra Fourbucks on your birthday.
EVERY 10th purchase gets you up to 1000 FREE Fourbucks.

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How to start earning rewards with Fourways Fourbucks

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Fourbucks?

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Fourbucks are earned after purchasing any products from Fourways Online. Every R100 spent earns you 1 Fourbuck.

How do I spend my Fourbucks?

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Log into your Fourways Online account. Add your favourite products to your cart and when making payment for your order at checkout, select the amount of Fourbucks to be redeemed. It’s that simple.

How do I view my Fourbucks total?

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Accumulated Fourbucks can be viewed under ‘My Account’ when you log in to

What can I use Fourbucks on?

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Any available products on Fourways Online.

How do I sign up for Fourways Rewards?

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By creating an account on Once you are a registered customer with a profile, you can start earning Fourbucks.

Can I use my Fourbucks to get a discount on my purchases?

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Yes, you can choose how many Fourbucks you want to redeem to get a discount on your order at checkout and then complete your purchase with one of the other payment methods available.

Do my Fourbucks expire?

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Currently, Fourbucks do not have an expiration, however, should this change, customers will be notified by Fourways Online.

What is the Fourbucks conversion to Rands (ZAR)?

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1 Fourbuck = R1 (South African Rand)

Can I transfer my Fourbucks to someone else?

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Fourbucks cannot be transferred to another customer account.

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