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Samsung 5 Gas Burner Stainless Steel Cooker


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Product Description

Digital LED Display

Enjoy a much simpler and more intuitive way of cooking. The Digital LED display lets you quickly check the cooking time and mode with just a glance. In addition, it has a timer function that you can set with a simple touch. And it alerts you to turn off the oven when a dish is ready.

Convenient extra built-in storage space

Storage Compartment – Store and find your favorite cookware much more easily. A Storage Compartment under the oven cavity provides a handy place to keep dishes, pots, pans and other oven accessories, so you can find everything quickly. Whatever you need to prepare and serve your meals can be kept within easy reach.

Easy clean and mark-resistant interior

Easy Clean – Clean up after cooking much more easily. The smooth surface of the oven cavity’s enamel coating is easy to keep clean, as any mess can be quickly wiped away without scrubbing. It is also very resistant to marks and rust and helps prevent bacteria from spreading. And it won’t discolor over time.

Stir-fry faster & safer without tipping

Wok Grate – Stir-fry more efficiently and safely using a Wok Grate. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner, so your wok is kept stable and won’t wobble or accidentally tip over. And they are always in the right place to spread the heat quickly and evenly and create delicious stir-fried food.

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  • Oven Capacity 95 L
  • Oven Color STSS
  • Display Type3 Touch Control Digital, Amber
  • Cavity Material Ceramic Enamel
  • Oven Type Electric
  • Oven Door Glass 2
  • Model Type Install Free Standing
  • Color (Door) TSS
  • Clock
  • Interior Light (Position) Upper left corner
  • Setting (Clock System Option (12H/24H)) No
  • Interior Lamp 15 ~ 25 W
  • Cook Timer
  • Number of Motors/Fans 2 – Cooling fan 15 W / Turbo fan 25 W
  • Type of Controls Knob, Timer – Digital Touch
  • End Timer
  • Grate Casting Iron (Matt black), 3 pcs
  • Type LPG (G30, 2.8-3.0 Kpa) / NG (G20, 2.0 Kpa)
  • Number of Burner
  • Burner 1 Right / Front – Rapid, 2.9 kw
  • Burner 2 Left / Front – Semi Rapid, 1.7 kw
  • Burner 3 Right / Rear – Auxiliary, 0.95 kw
  • Burner 4 Left / Rear – Semi Rapid, 1.7 kw
  • Burner 5 Center – Triple, (LPG) 3.5 kw / (NG) 3.8 kw
  • Energy Efficiency Class B (Oven)
  • Type Drawer Only
  • Weight (Net) 59.2 kg
  • Weight (Gross) 62.5 kg
  • Loading Quantity (20/40 ft) 40 / 82 Pcs
  • Usable Size (WxHxD) 788 x 311 x 391 mm
  • Outside (WxHxD) 898 x 810 (905 with legs) x 575 mm
  • Usable Capacity 95 L
  • Shipping (WxHxD) 955 x 885 x 675 mm
  • Number of Rack Positions 4
  • Wire Rack 1
  • Anti-Tip Device
  • Additional Accessories Deep Tray, Splash Back, Wok Support, LNG Conversion Ki

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